Sunday, 23 October 2016


Collections for Kids and a Competition!

So far this Autumn I have collected over 300 conkers and this has got me thinking of all the other collections I have enjoyed over the last couple of years, I am only collecting from a couple of ranges at the moment but these are my top five pocket money collections for children age 5 to 10.

5. Shopkins - My sister is obsessed with Shopkins and there are loads to collect, there are different toys that you can get to go with them. She has a shopping set but you can also just get the bags with the characters in to play with them.

4. Trash Pack- I don't collect these any more but when I was a bit younger I really liked Trash pack- they are a bit like Shopkins but more revolting and I liked then ones that came in their own little bins!

3. Topps Star Wars cards- I haven't got loads of these but I like them and would like to start collecting these properly. They are good fun to play a game with

2. Match Attax- I have collected these every year since I was 5 and really enjoy filling up my folder. I haven't managed to fill a book completely but got really close last year and I enjoy doing swaps with my friends.

1. Star Monsters- These are our absolute favourite collectibles at the moment. They are good for lots of age groups as both me and my little sister are enjoying collecting them together. I like the fact that you get two in a bag each time along with a sticker for just £1. We have already got some really good ones but I like to check each bag before I buy one to see if it feels like it could have a 'rare' inside!

Our 'Rare' Star Monsters

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